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Get your business on the big screen!

For more info or to begin advertising, you can email us at 

Want to draw new customers to your business? Have an event coming up? Looking for ways to get your non-profit some visibility? Showing an advertisement on our screen is a great way to spread the word! Your local ad will be effective by delivering your message to the right audience – one that is in the market for your product. You are welcome to design your own ad, or work with a graphic designer to make one. You can change out slides at any time during your time purchased at no additional cost.


We also offer video advertisements, which play one time just before the movie starts. Video ads play as one of the trailers, so will generally have a better reach and engagement and are a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of possible customers!

We have a limited number of spots for videos and stills, so reach out today to grab your spot!

We reserve the right to refuse an advertiser or advertisement. We do not display political campaigns of any kind. 

Co-Ed Cinema auditorium view from balcony

Pricing for Pre-show Slide:

Month by Month: $150 per Month

501c3 Nonprofit rate: $100 per Month

Pricing for Trailer Video:

Up to One Minute Video: $300 Per Month

Long Term Discounts:

5 Months get 1 free Month

10 Months get 2 free Months

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