Get your business on the big screen!

Every month, hundreds of people come through our doors to see a show. During the time we seat patrons, we play our advertising reel, or pre-show. The pre-show is a loop of 10 second, static slides that circles several times before the show. We generally ask for one to two weeks to process an ad and get it on the screen. We do not advertise for any length of time less than 1 month. You are welcome to design your own ad, or work with a graphic designer to make one.


We have recently introduced 30 second video advertisements, which play just before the trailers. The customer is responsible for creating a good quality video, and can be put up on the screen in as little as 1-2 days. Video ads play as one of the trailers, so will generally have a better reach and engagement and are a perfect opportunity to grab attention of possible customers!

We reserve the right to refuse an advertiser or advertisement. We will not display political campaigns of any kind.

Co-Ed Cinema auditorium view from balcony

Pricing for Pre-show ad, or static slide:

Month by month: $100 per month

6 months: $500

12 months: $1,000

Pricing for 30 second trailer video:

Month by month: $200 per month

6 months: $1,000

12 months: $2,000

For more info or to begin advertising, you can email Abby Steel at