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Theater Rentals

We offer theater rentals for private parties of up to 70 people (with current COVID restrictions)! If you’ve always wanted to see your favorite film on the big screen or have a movie theater birthday party that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. Theater rentals include private use of lobby and auditorium, and hosts are welcome to lightly decorate the lobby and bring tables for cake and gifts.

Parties can take place on any of our closed days (Monday-Wednesday) or on open days before or after our regular showtimes, such as 10AM or 10PM. Please check with us before setting a time, as our movie runtimes change almost weekly. Saturdays are the most popular days, so please plan well in advance!

Pricing for private events:
$100 Flat Rental Fee (for up to 70 people)

Concession Options:
Open a tab for you and your guests

Kids Combo – $5

Small Popcorn & Drink -- $7
Medium Popcorn & Drink – $8
Large Popcorn & Drink – $9

Assorted Candy $3.50

For more info or to schedule a party, you can email Abby Steel at

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